Door Trainers

Door Trainers

EDM’s Door Trainers are designed to effectively train cabin crew how to operate aircraft emergency exits and doors, including procedures for normal, abnormal and emergency situations. All options and systems can be configured by our clients with our team of engineers who are both trained and have years’ worth of experience in delivering the best possible trainer.

Our design philosophy is to create trainers that are robust, reliable and Instructor-friendly. They can be operated with a touchscreen Instructor Operator Station O(IS) that runs wirelessly through a tablet. EDM has revolutionized the way in which it has utilized leading technologies within our equipment to help modernize and advance the way in which users can integrate their training measures with our trainers.

Our door trainers can simulate all faults that may be encountered on an aircraft door or emergency exit. They can feature software-controlled digital drive system that can replicate the force loading of a real aircraft door. These forces are calibrated to comply with annual regulatory certification requirements. This all allows users and cabin crew to fully immerse themselves into these door simulators to perform various scenarios around this equipment.

See below on a door trainer we manufactured at EDM Ltd.

Extended Door Trainers

To meet the training requirements of aircraft with overwing exits, our Extended Door Trainers are designed to accommodate both the main door and the overwing exit in one modular structure.

We can fit extra training features to both types of trainers, such as passenger seats, overhead lockers, passenger service units, oxygen drop-down masks, window visuals and area call lights, which is designed to make these trainers feel as realistic and responsive at those used on commercial airlines.

Depending on our customers’ training requirements, our trainers can either be floor-mounted or positioned at operational height with an additional training slide. We make the necessary adjustments to help suite the needs and requirements of where these trainers will be placed to allow a smooth and cohesive applications that will benefit various onsite locations.

After-Sales Service

Here at EDM, we don’t just pride ourselves on the amazing quality we produce with our products and services, but we also make sure we’re right there when you need us for any technical or problem-solving queries you may have.

We have developed a system that best enables users to contact our team securely and delivers on exceptional after-sales service with our clients from around the world.

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