SEPTRE – EDM’s innovative, market-leading audio-visual system – offers a step change in how cabin crew are trained in Safety and Emergency Procedures.

SEPTRE can be fitted to existing or new Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET). It provides real-time graphics at each passenger window and highly realistic audio that covers all phases of flight, including:

  • engine start
  • push-back
  • taxi
  • take-off
  • cruising
  • descent
  • landing

The system also includes pre-programmed emergency scenarios, such as:

  • aborted take-off
  • engine fire
  • gear collapse
  • turbulence
  • ditching
  • decompression

Combining seamless real-time graphics and theatre-quality audio, SEPTRE is the most advanced cabin crew training system in the civil aviation industry today.


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