Havelsan training centre with EDM ejection seats saves $80m

18 February 2015


Havelsan Simulator Centre in Ankara has saved the Turkish Airforce $80 million from reduced real flights in its first year of operation. The Simulator Centre has six simulators for the KT-1T basic trainer aircraft, four simulators for the T-38M trainer and one pilot ejection seat. A total of 21,000 hours of KT-1T and 9,000 hours of T-38M flights were saved in one year.

EDM supplied Havelsan with fully engineered high fidelity replicas of the Martin Baker MK T-16LF ejection seats for use in the fixed base KT-1T simulators.

The seats are dimensionally representative of the actual ejection seat and have been designed to withstand the rigours of daily use including cockpit entry, strap in/out and cockpit egress. Also included are handles and switches such as ejection handle, manual separation handle, survival kit deployment switch, leg restraint release lever and the emergency oxygen handle.

The seats are equipped with a simulated shoulder harness power retraction unit (HPRU), a representative personal survival pack (PSP) and a representative seat oxygen bottle.

Havelsan provided the harness and leg restraints which were modified to interface with the simulated seat without detriment to the training fidelity.

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