EDM’s contribution on F-35 is recognised by Lockheed Martin

18 October 2013


EDM Limited has received a trophy from Lockheed Martin in recognition as a key supplier on the F-35 Lightning II Programme, the world’s largest defence project. The trophy was presented to EDM at a Lockheed Martin event held at DSEI, the military and defence event in London, where Philip Dunne, U.K. Minister of Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, was also present to congratulate the British companies involved in supplying the F-35 programme.

EDM was selected by Lockheed Martin to design and manufacture the ground-based based training devices comprising of the Ejection Systems Maintenance Trainer (ESMT) and the Weapons Loading Trainer (WLT) for the fifth generation stealth fighter.

The single-engine, single-seat F-35 will be manufactured in three versions: a conventional-takeoff-and-landing (CTOL) variant, an aircraft-carrier version (CV), and a short-takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) version. EDM is working on the simulated training equipment for all three of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) variants in one training system.

Tony Bermingham, EDM Limited’s Managing Director said:

“We are delighted to receive this trophy from Lockheed Martin in recognition of EDM’s contribution as a supplier on the ground-breaking F-35 programme. EDM has a distinctive heritage of innovation and we are therefore very proud to be involved on this prestigious global defence programme to develop this next-generation stealth fighter.”

EDM was appointed to supply the simulated training devices by Lockheed Martin in 2007. The first ESMT was successfully delivered to Elgin Air Force base in March 2011 and delivery of the first WLT to Eglin was September 2011.

The Ejection Systems Maintenance Trainer is to be used to train students the necessary skills required to maintain the F-35 ejection seat and canopy jettison systems and it will also be used for pilot ingress and egress training.

The Weapons Loading Trainer is a high-fidelity procedural training device that will be used to train armourers the correct procedures for loading weapons, support and release equipment and alternate mission equipment. The high-fidelity representation of the fuselage weapons bays will provide realistic hands-on practical training of the loading, configuration and unloading of aircraft.


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