EDM provides leadership on doing business with China

17 October 2013


EDM’s Mick Bonney speaking at the event.

EDM Limited is supporting a high profile ‘SME China Forum’ at Manchester United Football Ground today. The event, organized by China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), is aimed at encouraging more UK SMEs to consider the Chinese market and to provide an opportunity for SMEs to learn from each other about operating successfully there. CBBC estimates that 200 delegates will be attending the event from SMEs across the North West of England.

Giles Blackburne, Director of China-Britain Business Council said:

“This Forum is about making UK companies ‘China ready’, and ensuring that the world-class products and services that UK SMEs are famous for are made available in the world’s most important emerging market. By knowing these challenges and preparing for them, SMEs can approach the market with greater confidence and deal with the inevitable surprises more effectively.”

EDM has a strong track-record of exporting to China and Mick Bonney, EDM’s Director of Sales & Business Development is participating at the event as a “SME China Business Ambassador” and will share knowledge and best practice of EDM’s experiences of trading in China.

Mick Bonney of EDM commented:

“EDM has been successfully trading in China for 5 years and it has become EDM’s biggest market accounting for 65% of the company’s export sales. We are therefore in a good position to share our insights about typical issues such as overcoming cultural differences, IP concerns, bureaucracy and working with Chinese agents or partner companies.”

EDM is a Manchester based SME that designs and manufactures simulated training devices for commercial aviation and defence sectors. The company, known for its innovation and world-class solutions, is the market leader in its field of expertise with a global client base.

EDM has built up an impressive customer base in the Chinese aviation sector and has worked with most of China’s airlines including Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Air, Sichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and Shandong Airlines. The company also provides equipment for the Civil Aviation Administration of China, China’s aviation authority, and has also worked with the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), the Chinese aircraft manufacturer, on its high-profile C919 new aircraft programme as well as AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Company, the Chinese aircraft engine manufacturer.

Whilst at the event, EDM’s Mick Bonney gave an interview to CCTV, the Chinese TV channel. To view please see the following link:


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