EDM celebrates final acceptance of the Air China CEETs

27 February 2013


EDM is celebrating the installation and final acceptance of Air China’s Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers in Beijing. 

EDM recently completed the manufacture of two highly complex cabin crew training simulators. The Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET’s) incorporate a three axis motion system with extensive door functionality and each training slides include a real time slide inflation system. The main body of the CEET’s also contains the
following functions:

• Real time visual and audio system
• Functional inter cabin communications
• Fire and smoke simulation
• Auto retractable oxygen drop down units
• Functional galley space
• HD CCTV recording and playback

EDM believes that all of these features combine to create one of the most realistic training environments in the world.

Importantly EDM has also developed and implemented the Safety & Emergency Procedure Training Reality Engine (SEPTRE) Instructor Operating Station which allows an instructor to control every aspect of the training environment from a single console.

A series of auto-programmed lessons that can be referenced against the manufacturers and regulatory authority standards with the ability for the training instructor to create their own lesson plans. The development of this product future-proofs the equipment and allows the greatest scope for flexibility in training.


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