EDM’s Simulators combine learning with performance-based training, allowing customers to measure training effectiveness and focus on improving performance.

EDM can design, develop and deliver all types of simulators, including:

  • Full Mission Simulators (FMS)
  • Flight Training Devices (FTD)
  • Flight Procedures Trainers (FPT)
  • Part Task Trainers (PTT)

Typical simulator features include:

  • high fidelity cockpit or flight deck
  • fully functional instruments, displays and controls
  • fully replicated flying controls, including control loading
  • high speed integrated data network
  • outside world visual display system

Our Full Mission Simulators, Flight Training Devices and Flight Procedures Trainers can include a multi-axis G-cueing seat, as well as a multi-channel control loading system. Pilot breathing air and G-suit systems can be incorporated and the cockpits can be compatible with night vision goggles (NVG). The fidelity and functionality of the simulators can be precisely matched to meet exact training requirements.


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