Cabin Trainers – Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers

Cabin Trainers

Our Cabin trainers – Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs) provide a comprehensive and flexible solution to the training of cabin crew in Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) as required by the airline through an immersed cabin environment for flight attendants and other airline crew with these cabin simulators.

The main features in our Cabin Trainers include:

  • Door and emergency exit operation that helps develop realistic training for cabin crew
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Scenario based training
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) training
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Secure cockpit procedures which improves service training
  • Fire and smoke training 
  • Cabin communications with various training devices
  • Aircraft cabin systems
  • Helps improve emergency procedures & emergency evacuation

The CEET incorporates simulated doors and emergency exits and is fitted with a full cabin interior. It can be configured as a static or motion-based device with a choice of 3 degrees of Freedom (DoF) hydraulic or 6 DoF electric motion systems. A low pressure real time slide inflation system can be provided. 

The CEET can also be fitted with Safety Emergency Procedures Training Reality Engine (SEPTRE), EDM’s market-leading audio-visual system which revolutionizes the on-board look and feel of our training simulators for various airline crew to train on.

The CEETs lesson planning offers the resilience of using pre-programmed cabin crew training scenarios which will fulfil mandatory requirements and overall cabin simulation training to benefit staff in engaging in real life scenarios they can understand and learn with ease. 

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After-Sales Service

Our team is entrusted in delivering on the best possible product every time to our clients from around the world.

Our cabin trainers are fitted with some of the best technology available today with aerial visuals to motion systems that enable cabin crew to get a true feel of what it’s like to go through various scenarios, which is why we developed this system to counteract ongoing issues that may prohibit these features from performing at its best.

We have set up a cohesive after-sales team who will be able to liaise with our clients on various areas related to our product and services. We have developed a comprehensive system in which users will be able to forward their requests to our team to monitor and help correct.

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