EDM_BAE F-35B Simulator

Flying the F-35B: inside BAE’s secret war ma...

25 April 2017

EDM's cockpits for CAE Hawk sims

EDM manufactures cockpits for CAE which form part ...

3 April 2017

The new British aircraft, F-35B Lightning II, takes part in it's first UK photo shoot. The F-35 jet has only just made it's first transatlantic crossing and will be displayed at the Royal International Air Tattoo and the Farnborough Air Show in the next few weeks. 

The Lightning II, which is capable of short take off and vertical landing, will enter service with the RAF and the Royal Navy in 2018. 

Photographs by SAC Mark Parkinson, RAF Leeming, 1st July 2016.

EDM provides unique high fidelity F-35B cockpit si...

21 March 2017

IITSEC G-Seat '16a

EDM to test pilot skills with Mach Loop Challenge ...

16 November 2016


UK to earn billions from F-35 work...

11 July 2016

MB simulator white 2

EDM supporting Martin-Baker’s exhibit at the...

6 July 2016

EDM opens the door to a niche market...

17 March 2016


F-35 Program ramps up training for pilots and tech...

11 January 2016


Havelsan training centre with EDM ejection seats s...

18 February 2015


EDM welcomes visit by MS&T magazine...

11 February 2015

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